ELHAQ is a company engaged in clothing/convection/micro garment products and services, which is located on Jl. Karang Taruna, Waru 3 Rt. 002/09 No. 68A Cakung Tinggi Timber, East Jakarta.

The experience of working in the convection business since 2016 has provided many valuable lessons to continuously improve business professionalism in terms of improving business management, human resources, quality, productivity, punctuality in the context of realizing partner/consumer satisfaction.

ELHAQ’s products include Muslim/Muslim women’s clothing for adults and children, Khimar, all Muslim Fashion Clothing for all quality levels.

We are ready to work together and send product samples, even ready to provide design consulting assistance for your unique product needs.

Human Resources

ELHAQ are engaged in the business of convection products and services supported by 66 workers (work partners), 5 management partners consisting of 1 general manager (administration & finance), 1 head of production, 1 person in quality control, 1 person in marketing offline and online, 1 person for product delivery/distribution

SDM Elhaq

Production Facilities

To ensure the highest quality production capability, ELHAQ completes production facilities in the form of workshops, work partners, and adequate production machines that always adapt to production needs or customer partner requests.


Elhaq always puts forward creative-innovative work, competitive prices, the best quality materials, and fast service, accepting every order with a small scale or large parties